Our Services

One of the foundational services of Salem Plant Witch is Consultations for homes and workplaces. Green Space can thrive almost anywhere, and the goal is to help you figure out how to do it effectively with the space you have. 

Diagnostic Session

If you have a plant that is looking a little ragged and you’re not sure what could be wrong, or how to fix it. 15-minute consultations can be scheduled for a virtual assessment of the plant and potential solutions to the problem.

Interior Plant Design

If you are looking to open a new business or improve your living space with the benefits of Green Space, The Salem Plant Witch can help you design a space that speaks to you and your goals.

In Person Assessment

The Salem Plant Witch will come to your space and evaluate natural lighting. Discuss your desired aesthetic, your level of experience and time that you can commit to the keeping of your Space. Following the evaluation, The Salem Plant Witch will write you a detailed list of potential plants that would fit your aesthetic and needs, along with projected care needs for each plant.