What is a Plant Witch?

A Plant Witch (or Green Witch) is someone who follows what is sometimes referred to as “The Green Path.”  My favorite definition is from The Green Witch by Arin Murphy-Hiscock. 

“ A Green Witch is defined by their relationship to the world around them, by their ethics, and by their affinity with the natural world…..The path of the Green Witch is an intensely personal path that integrates ability, likes, dislikes, the climate of a particular geographic location, and interaction with the energy of that environment. It isn’t a tradition so much as a personal adaptation of an ideal…..A Green Witch, then, is someone who lives the Green Path and is aware of how the energy of nature flows through her life and environment, even if that environment is not the traditional garden and forest setting popularized by fairy tales and romanticized notions.”

Do You Ship?

Yes! In -most- cases. If I feel a plant or display piece can be shipped safely, I will do everything I can to make sure it gets to you safely. My standard mode of Shipping is USPS Priority, which comes with insurance and a tracking number.

Do You Offer Classes?

Yes! I currently have an online class for Beginners to the keeping of Green Spaces. This gives a brief overview of The Green Path, and all the necessary information one would need to be able to successfully keep plants.

I Want to Have Plants but I Always Kill Them!

Not so much a question, as a statement that I hear so often. I genuinely believe that everyone can keep plants when they have the correct information. It is my mission to supply people with plants and displays which they can easily keep alive and well. It is only by connecting with easy to care for plants, can one gain the confidence to grow and diversify their collection.

Do You Have a Storefront?

I do not! At this time, The Salem Plant Witch operates out of my home as a one woman business. I hope to have a little shop in the future!

Is There a Way to Buy My Items in Person?

At this time The Marimo Moss Bottles and Roses of Jericho are available for sale in The Branch Olive Oil Co. shops at 62 Pickering Wharf in Salem, and their location at The Northshore Mall in Peabody.

What Do The Marimo Bottles Do….?

Marimo Moss originates in Asia and was popularized in Japan. With their care needs being extremely basic, the oldest Marimo on record is over 200 years old! The individual bottles in which they are offered through The Salem Plant Witch, come with a variety of different stone and Mineral options. The standard bottles come in a set combination of minerals that are both aesthetically pleasing and paired to maximize the metaphysical attributes of the minerals. Customized bottles are also available and can be made to either accommodate a specific color palette or intent.